Disaster Preparedness for Senior Communities

Disaster preparedness is a huge responsibility for nursing facility staff. It’s crucial to take steps to prepare, but disaster can strike with little to no warning. As a Life Safety and Security Technology partner, we wanted to provide a few tips and preventative strategies that can make a difference in your community’s safety and security.

  1. Battery Powered Door Alarms to ensure resident safety. This can keep visitor management under control even if hard-wired or wireless systems go down. These are available at Amazon or Walmart
  2. Handheld Call Bells in the event your Nurse Call System isn’t operational. These are also available at Amazon or Walmart
  3. Put up signs close to to generators that power Life Safety Systems that indicate “no parking”. That way, there won’t be an issue for power source blockage.
  4. Communicate a plan in advance for mass notification to residents’ families. This way, they will know what to do if a disaster does arise.
  5. In the event of a disaster with warning, contract to have your dumpsters emptied ahead of the storm
  6. If sheltering neighboring communities and in need of beds, contact local hotels. Pool furniture can make great makeshift beds and it is already stored.

Sometimes storms can take down essential Life Safety and Security Systems that are necessary to keep your community and residents safe. If you’re curious about how to make your community safer in the event of a disaster, let’s connect. We can walk through your facility to make sure you’re set up in the best possible position to protect your residents and facility.